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Become a White Label Reseller or Submit your projects on App.Net Marketplace

Up until now it's been very difficult, if you do a good job coding something, to actually make any money if you don't have built in monetization. Making any income from open source projects required having a way to generate revenue built into the software which greatly limits usage. Advertising based monetization is difficult and cumbersome. As a result great developers have to spend all their available time working another job.

This is a huge limitations for all of us collectively. as programmers, coders, developers, have currently been restrained heavily by need to make things profitable. APP.NET is an opportunity to just code things that actually do good and help people and earn money just for coding it.

As a project owner, by submitting a project with APP.NET you get paid 65% from each sale of the project. We get 35% for promoting and taking care of selling your project, you get 65% for just coding it.

This is a game changer in terms of earning money for developers.

Now it is very important to package your project right and make it available on APP.NET.

After you package it and submit it, you set YOUR OWN PRICE TAG.

Sell your Project.

Submit Your Feature or Project and sell it on Marketplace We keep 35%, You get 65%

Sell projects on your own domain name

You’ll earn 30% commission on every product you sell on your Own Domain Name!